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Envy Tri Bearing 120mm x 30mm Wheel

Original price $59.95
Current price $54.95

The much anticipated Envy Tri Bearing wheels are here! These wheels are based on an all-new 3-bearing design. By spreading impacts over 3 bearings instead of the traditional 2, bearing life is improved, and your scooter will ride smoother, longer. The urethane features a fresh new tread pattern that improves grip, and makes the wheels more predictable. The tread also makes a really cool sound when you're ripping through the skatepark.

To fit these wheels, you will need the appropriate 30mm compatible deck spacers, and/or a 30mm compatible fork. Envy 30mm spacers are available here.

  • 120mm x 30mm
  • Tri-bearing design
  • Sold individually