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Skateboard Size Guide

A lot of action sports equipment is sized according to a rider's preference and riding style. This presents a challenge for beginner riders who have yet to establish their preference. This is a short guide on how to choose your first skateboard.

Rider Height Shoe Size Age Skateboard Width
Under 104cm (3'5")
Size 3 and under
5 and younger 6.5" - 6.75"
104cm (3'5") - 132cm (4'4")
Size 4-6
6 to 8 years 7.0"
134cm (4'5") - 157cm (5'2") Size 7-8 9 to 12 years 7.25"
160cm (5'3") and up Size 9 and up 13 years and up

7.5" and up


Once a skater develops more experience riding, and trying different decks, it will be easier to decide on a size. Some riders prefer slightly smaller boards, while others prefer larger. Smaller skateboards are better for more technical tricks because they're more maneuverable and flickable. Large boards are better for bowls, halfpipes, and other ramps as the larger size makes them more stable at speed.

If you have any questions about choosing your new skateboard, please contact us!

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