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BMX Pedals

Keep your feet planted on a fresh set of BMX pedals from Jibs. Most of our pedals use 9/16" spindles, which are compatible with 3-piece cranks. When installing, don't forget your left-side pedal is reverse threaded! You can find pedals from brands like Animal, Cult, Rant BMX and more.
  • $34.95

    Animal Bikes Rat Trap Pedals


    Mark Gralla's signature Rat Trap pedals feature nylon plastic construction with a wide, slim body, and extra corner pins for more grip. 15.3 oz Ch...

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  • Cult Dak Nylon Pedals - Jibs Action Sports

    Cult Dak Nylon Pedals


    Dakota Roche's signature pedals have beefy chromoly spindles, and nylon composite body. A concave platform, 14 molded pins per side, and a knurled ...

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    Original price $9.95
    Current price $4.95

    Odyssey JC PC Replacement Pedal Halves


    Replaceable pedal halves for JC PC PEDALS. Proprietary high-strength plastic composite.

  • $44.95

    Primo Super Tenderizer Alloy Pedals


    These are the most iconic pedals of the mid-school BMX generation! With a knurled surface, 4 molded pins per side, and an additional 6 replaceable ...

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  • $54.95

    Primo Super Tenderizer PC Pedals


    The Super Tenderizer PC pedals feature 14 pins per side, and a knurled surface for the ultimate grip. The slim pedal body improves bike control. 9...

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  • $34.95

    Primo Turbo Pedals


    The Primo Turbo pedals feature a unique body shape that covers almost the entire spindle. This allows more surface area under your feet, providing ...

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  • $33.95

    Rant Trill Pedals


    Rant Trill pedals feature a durable reinforced nylon composite body with 13 molded pins per side, and a micro-knurled surface for tons of grip. The...

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  • $69.95

    Shadow Conspiracy Metal Pedals

    The Shadow Conspiracy

    Based on the original Ravager design, this Trey Jones signature pedal features an updated slimmer body, lower weight. A concave shape, and a micro-...

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  • $31.95

    Shadow Conspiracy Surface Pedals

    The Shadow Conspiracy

    The Shadow Conspiracy Surface Pedals are designed with performance in mind. Platform size has been maximized with a wider and longer shape, while k...

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