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Fraud Prevention

Securing Your Personal Information

One of Jibs Action Sports' highest priorities is keeping customers' personal information secure and confidential. Below are some of the typical scams that you may encounter as well as suggestions on how to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud.

Fake Websites

Jibs Action Sports currently sells products only at our store in Burlington, ON, and on We do not sell through, eBay or any other websites. Beware of other websites illegally using our logo to fool or scam customers into buying inferior versions of our products, purchasing illegally obtained merchandise, or obtaining your personal information for criminal purposes.

Buying directly at or from Jibs Action Sports guarantees you'll get the quality you expect, while knowing that your personal information is secure.

If you do come across one of these websites, please send the link to us on our contact page so that we may continue to make sure all our customers receive the genuine products they deserve.

Phishing & Spoofing

You may receive a deceptive email or website link that appears to originate from a legitimate person, business or agency. They may request that you provide them with personal and/or financial information, such as: name and address, social insurance numbers, credit card numbers/bank account numbers, PIN numbers or passwords. Do not provide your personal information. These emails/links should be reported and deleted immediately.

Pop-Up Ads, Malware, and Adware

Malware and adware are malicious programs that may reside on your computer hard drive. Such malicious programs may display advertisement "pop ups" or browser windows claiming that you have won a contest, or they may request your participation in a survey to collect a gift card, prize or other offering. They may even ask you to provide personal information in order to receive the offering. These ads or pop-ups are typically designed to look and feel like they are part of the website you are browsing. Do not submit any personal information to or click on these ads or pop-ups. Simply clicking on them alone may download viruses or other malicious programs designed to capture, compromise or destroy data and information on your computer.

Preventative Measures

In order to help you defend yourself against the above deceptive practices, Jibs Action Sports suggests you comply with the following courses of action:

  • Never respond to emails that cannot be verified
  • Never provide personal information via email nor over the telephone unless you have initiated the phone call to a recipient phone number that you know is legitimate
  • Contact businesses by using legitimate phone numbers to verify requests
  • Enter using your browser and not by clicking on outside links
  • Be cautious of any solicitation requesting that you deposit a check or pay a fee to collect a prize, get a job or cover vaguely described "costs"

To report any suspicious emails or contacts that are using the Jibs Action Sports name, please contact us.