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So You Want To Be Sponsored?

We are not accepting sponsorship applications at this time, but if earning a rider sponsorship from any brand is your goal, keep reading for some essential tips that you can start working on to improve your chance of success!

Every day, nearly every action sports brand gets approached by riders requesting sponsorship. This article is meant to point riders in the right direction. For most riders, the term sponsorship means that you get free gear to ride and represent a brand, but there is much more to it than that.

Here's a few tips that can help riders get closer to their goals:

  1. Positivity is the number one thing that we cannot stress enough. Brands are generally looking for riders with a good attitude and outlook. When you are out at the skatepark or your favourite spots, respect other riders, be friendly, and help other riders with their progression.
  2. Progression is incredibly important for action sports athletes. The best riders are always pushing themselves and learning new tricks and skills. It doesn’t matter if you just landed your first tailwhip, or if you just stomped a double-flair, you have to always keep pushing forward. It’s not about what your best trick is - it’s about what your next trick is.
  3. Riders must be active in the action sports community. This means you should compete in contests, travel and ride different parks/spots, and make friends along the way. This also helps you build a fanbase, and develop your skills as you learn how to ride a variety of terrain.
  4. Building an audience is necessary in action sports. When a brand offers you sponsorship, they are trying to reach your audience to advertise their products and services. Having a larger and engaged audience helps attract brands. To build your own audience, social media like Instagram and YouTube is the best place to get started. Post photos and videos regularly, and promote your accounts when you are out riding. Use hashtags to attract more followers, and constantly encourage people to like, comment, follow and subscribe.

We hope these tips help you on your journey. Remember to not get discouraged if you don’t get noticed right away. Just keep riding and having fun. If you’re still reading, we have some bonus tips below:

  1. Pay attention to your language, and the music you use on social media. Most brands want to appeal to a wide range of riders, so it is best to keep it family friendly.
  2. Experiment with your filming and videos. Trying different things will help you learn what works best. Search for some tutorials on how to shoot photos and videos of action sports. If your content looks better, you will get more likes and follows.
  3. Cross promote with your friends and other riders you meet. Exchanging shout-outs helps you find more fans and followers.
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