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G-Sport Birdcage BMX Rim

by G-Sport
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Colour: Black

The Birdcage is not your average aero style BMX rim. Many features set it apart from the competition. This rim features a hollow bead section which saves weight, and maintains high strength. This is where the Birdcage gets its name as birds have hollow bones to aid in their flight. The size of this hollow bead also helps reduce pinch flats, and flat spots on your rims. The cross section of this rim is specially designed to support the spoke nipples well. The cross section matches the nipple angle, which allows for a few more millimetres of offset, and improved lateral rigidity. One shortcoming of many aero rims is the valve hole. When a valve hole is drilled in the centre of a traditional aero style rim, the strength of the rim is usually compromised. The Birdcage rim solves this problem with its offset valve hole. This also happens to make it easier to attach a pump head to your valves. The deep centre section of the Birdcage rim makes it easier to mount and unmount your tires, and the slimmed down sidewalls are still compatible with brakes! This is one of the most sophisticated BMX rims available, and it outperforms many rims that weigh even 20-30% more!

  • Sizes: 20" Only
  • Drillings: 36 hole
  • Weight: 408g / 14.4oz
  • Width: 34mm
  • ERD: 383mm
  • Compatible with or without brakes