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Sometimes working at JIBS can be hectic and you start getting lost in your work. Then their comes a person or moment that reminds you of what your doing for the action sport community. 9yrs old Carter was that shredder for me that reminded me of what JIBS is truly about. His approach to riding and life is what I would be looking for if I going to sponsor a rider. Carter is my neighbour’s nephew. The first time I met him he was riding jumping over sewer grates and jibbing the curbs.

Custom Scooters

After chatting with Carter I quickly learned he was stoked on riding and just wanted to learn. Shortly after our first chat I seen Carter in our store buying whatever he needed to continue riding. Never complaining about the scooter he had but, just getting what he needed to keep on shredding. Within a few weeks Carter was back at our store not only buying items for himself but, had lists from his friends to buy parts for them. Later that week I was speaking to his uncle and he was telling me how people call him JIBS around his local park in Markham.

Carter wears his JIBS t-shirt proudly and always had a bunch of JIBS sticker on his scooter. So I wanted to give Carter something for everything he has done for me and the shop because Carter never asked for anything from me even though he knew I worked at JIBS. I decided to gather some spare parts and put together a scooter for him to keep him riding. This is the quick edit we came up with after I surprised him with the scooter.

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