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Skatepark Etiquette Guide

Norton Skatepark - Burlington, Ontario

Skateparks are hands down the best place to progress your riding, learn new skills, and have fun. Because skateparks are a public space that need to be shared with other riders of different skill levels and disciplines, it's important that everyone follows some basic etiquette. If you are new to action sports, these unspoken rules may not be obvious, so here are our top tips!

  1. Be aware of your surroundings
    When you are at the skatepark, it is important to be conscientious of those around you, and the layout of the park. Pay attention to other riders when they are dropping in or riding, and stay out of their way (no snaking!) Try not to obstruct features of the park like ledges, rails, ramps, bowls, etc.
  2. Respect riders of all disciplines and skill levels
    No matter what you ride, or what your skill level is, it is important to share the space and make it inclusive for everyone. Beginner riders may not be aware of this basic etiquette, so the best thing to do is chat with them and help them out. Everyone has to start somewhere!
  3. If you are not riding, stay back
    If you are not skateboarding, scootering, BMXing, or any other skatepark appropriate action sport, stay back from riding areas. Skateparks are not playgrounds for people to run around, play games, etc. If you are spectating, stand a safe distance back for everyone's safety.
  4. Wait your turn
    When you are in a crowded park, it can be difficult to keep track of whose turn it is to drop in. Don't push your way in, and hog the park. Try to keep an eye on who has had a run recently, and once everyone has had a fair chance to ride, then you may drop in. If the park is crowded, try to not to do marathon runs as it's not fair to the others trying to enjoy the park.
  5. Don't obstruct the coping
    The edge of a ramp might be comfortable place to sit down, or a convenient spot to wait for your next run however it is not ideal to block the coping in any way. Someone could be wanting to try a trick there, so you should stay back from the coping.
  6. Clean up after yourself
    Most skateparks have trashcans on site, so if you have any garbage make sure that's where you put it. If there's no trashcan, take your trash with you. There's no excuse for littering at the park. Leave it as clean if not cleaner than when you arrived.
  7. Get up quickly
    When you crash (not if), try to get up and get out of the way quickly for your safety and others'. If you are injured, ask someone for help.
  8. Don't throw your equipment
    Learning new tricks can be frustrating, and there may be temptation to express that frustration. Throwing your skateboard, scooter or bike is never a good idea. At worst your could injure someone, but more than likely you will just damage your equipment. Just don't do it.
  9. Wax
    Waxing ledges and rails can help reduce friction and make it easier to slide/grind. However it is important to communicate with other riders at the park if you want to apply a little bit of wax to a ledge or rail. If someone has been trying a trick on an unwaxed ledge, it would be quite a surprise (and potentially dangerous) if it was suddenly more slippery on their next attempt. It is generally not acceptable to wax coping on ramps.
  10. Have fun!
    Following this basic etiquette will ensure that you and everyone else at the skatepark has a good time! Now get out there and land that new trick!
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