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What Size Scooter Should I Buy?

The most frequently asked question by first-time scooter riders is “What size scooter do I need?” With the large variety of options available, the decision of which scooter to start with can be a difficult one. That’s ok - we’re here to help. Check out the below video for some simple tips on how to select the best size scooter for you!

In action sports, sizing can be very flexible as sizes tend to vary not only based on the height of the rider, but their riding style and personal preference as well. The size of the scooter will greatly affect the rider’s confidence. Some tricks are easier to achieve with a slightly smaller scooter while others are easier with a slightly larger scooter. As riders develop experience, they will be better able to determine their own personal preferences.

We do not recommend purposely purchasing a scooter that is excessively large, with the expectation that the rider will “grow into it.” As a beginner, a scooter that is too big will be challenging to master, and this may reduce their confidence, and slow their learning progression.

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